Press Release - Results at 30 June 2023 approved

Cairo Communication

• In first half 2023, the Group confirmed its consolidated gross revenue at Euro 599.2 million (Euro 598.6 million in 2022) and grew its margins, with EBITDA at Euro 80.2 million (Euro 69 million in 2022), EBIT at Euro 41.1 million (Euro 31.3 million in 2022) and net profit at Euro 15.9 million (Euro 11.3 million in 2022)
• In the first five months of 2023 too, RCS ranks as the top online publisher in Italy with an aggregate figure of 32.3 million average monthly unique users (net of duplications) (Audicom)
• At end June, the RCS Group's newspapers reached an active digital customer base of 939 thousand subscriptions, 535 thousand for Corriere della Sera, Italy's leading newspaper on newsstands, 211 thousand for Gazzetta, 123 thousand for El Mundo, and 70 thousand for Expansión
• La7 achieved high ratings, 3.4% in the all-day share and 4.6% in prime time, and was the sixth channel for ratings in this time slot in the six-month period, fifth in February with 4.32% and in March with 4.87%
• The Cairo Editore magazines publishing segment confirmed first half 2022 results